Too Much Pizza Good or Bad for Teenagers

It has been the day from hell at work. Now the twins are screaming and fighting and then my teenager just informed me that the study group is at our house tonight. Of course that means we are suppose to supply dinner. So it’s time to call in the help from an online directory of the tastiest pizza parlors, and it is so easy to do. To easy in fact, the American children eat to much pizza according to a recent study that was published from the medical journal of pediatrics. According to the study pizza is the number one leading contributor of caloric intake for kids and teens. I think sometimes parents gravitate to places that is extra convenient for the family because of time. Listed below is 3 reasons why pizza is not only bad for our kids but could possibly be killing them.

Pizza Delivery, In Moderation

But kids today are consuming pizza every day. Also it depends on when the pizza is consumed and could be an important part of the reason so many children are over weight. Pizza in moderation should be one of our goals to help with the obesity epidemic. Researchers suggest that we start by improving the nutrient content of the pizza and how often we consume it.

Pizza Places Near Me For Teens
Pizza Places Near Me For Teens

Healthy Pizza Places

If the food producers would take the nutrient content of the pizza and revamp it just a little it would go a long way in terms of improving children’s diets. By reducing the saturated fat and sodium content and increasing the whole grain content the pizza would still taste good and it would be a lot better for you. Parents buy the pizza because it tastes good and it is cheap. We are constantly thrusting pizza in their face from school cafeterias to weekly pizza days in schools not to mention birthday parties, at the bowling alley, etc.

When so much pizza is consumed it makes for poor eating habits, too many calories, too much fat and too much salt. It can raise the children’s risk for nutrition related diseases such as type 3 diabetes, high blood pressure as well as obesity. There is a big difference in dong what’s right and doing what’s easy. Keep in mind that it isn’t in our child’s best interest to supply them with fat pizza.

Pizza as a Snack

You usually don’t have good nutrients on a pizza and there is so much grease on it. It is so easily accessible our children have no problem ordering whatever they want. I have never heard of pizza being part of a well balanced meal. Our kids don’t realize the caloric intake they are consuming so they can adjust their eating by making it up in other areas.

So now I have laid the ground rules and it is up to us as parents to monitor what we feed our children a little closer. If you do decide it’s pizza night try making it at home. This could be a fun experiment and for goodness sake have some vegetables cut and ready to go on it.