Too Much Pizza Good or Bad for Teenagers

It has been the day from hell at work. Now the twins are screaming and fighting and then my teenager just informed me that the study group is at our house tonight. Of course that means we are suppose to supply dinner. So it’s time to call in the help from an online directory of the tastiest pizza parlors, and it is so easy to do. To easy in fact, the American children eat to much pizza according to a recent study that was published from the medical journal of pediatrics. According to the study pizza is the number one leading contributor of caloric intake for kids and teens. I think sometimes parents gravitate to places that is extra convenient for the family because of time. Listed below is 3 reasons why pizza is not only bad for our kids but could possibly be killing them. (more…)

Having Fun Without Influence

This is a topic that seems to be most prevalent in most conversations. When everyone is doing something, won’t you be considered lame or a party proper if you don’t join in? Well yes and no. the thing is you need to pick your friends based on what your interest you have. If your friends are only interested in bad things then that’s all they will do. So to elaborate, you night want to change your circle to better show the things you are favoring rather than the things you are trying to stay away from.